Clatsops After Their 1851 Treaty


In the 19th century Indian Agents were obsessed with keeping liquors away from Native peoples. Whether their motivation was religious, as most were conservative protestants, or concern for the welfare of the Natives, they implemented rigorous protocols to keep liquor and liquor trade from Native peoples. Beginning with Anson Dart in 1851, when he arrived in Oregon he was very concerned with stopping the liquor trade. In various letters Dart describes how Native people really wanted the liquor and would trade anything to get it, including land, money, and food, which of true, would have caused a serious decline in Native societies. Liquor overuse creates a decline on overall productivity and if tribal resource gatherers were to become addicted to drinking, and acquiring liquor, then this would have led to declines in the tribes. Traders would have known this and Dart’s suggestions were then meant to stop the illicit trade…

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